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Infographic: 5 Areas to SEO Optimise your Website

Making sure the basics are always covered in SEO means ensuring that a page meets the criteria below. 

This applies to all pages- blogs, news articles, new and old website pages and will help the search engines rank you no end. We have another blog on the results from good on page SEO setup, read it for a great reference.

SEO has so many factors and good on-page set up for new (and existing) content has to start right, to get any traction that is, and to be attractive to your visitors.

SEO 5 Tips to better optimise your website info infographic

Step 1: Headings & Content

avoid over-using keywords for the sake of SEO- Important.

Step 2: Image file name keywords matching

Match the URL and Title- used as a minor search ranking score factor

Step 3: Page title relevancy

This is shown in the tab and search results, important that it is relevant and easy to read. 

Step 4:URL's keywords- use the keywords

Remember to use keywords to accurately describe the pages content in the URLs

Step 5: Descriptions metadata needs oomph

This is shown in search results under the page title, tell searchers why they should click on your website.

Infographic by SEODM

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